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May 07, 2014

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Country Register Article May/June 2014
I know that many of you have ordered and have received seeds and bulbs from the catalogues, but there must be some like me who are beginning to think /dream about what our yards might look like this season... I know that this time of year, I am thinking how to add some more interest to my garden area that is small and near the good weather living spaces of my yard..I came across some examples of interest....You glue together glass /pottery/ornaments together into a tower to sit among your plants...especially a perannual garden, some even added seeds for the birds in the top dishes or water in some of the levels...  One that was quite effective started with a upside down chipped punch bowl..and then glass plates and pitchers stacked and glued together..

Painted items, especially if they have been given a vintage looking paint job look very interesting...old metal trays,bird cages,tables, doors.   It seemed that most people have said they start with a turquoise color base and then rust colors and yellows on top allowing some of the blue to show through....  Also using galvanized pieces, no matter the state of the items, in fact, sometimes the dints are more interesting...and you have given it new life by adding a plant to drape out of it .

Yard sales will be the normal soon, but also look at the farm sales....they always have some very unique pieces that were used in the garages/barns/old sheds etc.  A few years ago, my Allan couldn’t go and sent me to snag one of the 3 point plows (vintage 3 shovel plow) to sit in the yard...there were about 5 of them, one I didn’t want that one...too easy....this summer it is on my list to make its resting spot, by the lane, a little more interesting.   I also want to use an older table and chairs to make a comfy spot to have a morning coffee...this spot will need something taller, like a screen or door or planting to deflect the wind, so you don’t have to be out there in your parka....I know, I should not complain, I have seen the pictures of northern Alberta and the 6 inches they got a few days ago....

Have a great Spring , have fun decorating the great outdoors with vintage items, remember someone had to use all of these items.... That old milk  separator , with all its pieces, had to be  washed by hand  ,TWICE a day.....but sure looks good with its cascading planting....doesn’t it...